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Infront X Honored with Two Interactive Media Awards

Infront X, a trusted partner for many of the top global brands in the sports, media, entertainment and active lifestyle industries announced it received two Interactive Media Awards, recognizing outstanding achievement in web design and development. NASCAR and PGA TOUR both earned Best in Class distinctions, the highest honor. 

“Infront X is honored to have these two projects recognized by the Interactive Media Awards,” said David Nugent, Infront X’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Our teams worked hand in hand with our partners at NASCAR and PGA TOUR, two of our longest-tenured clients, culminating in final products we are all incredibly proud of. Everyone in our organization is incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Infront X worked with NASCAR to build an AR experience, NASCAR Mobile Playoffs AR, within its mobile app. This new feature launched earlier this fall to coincide with NASCAR’s playoffs and marks the first time fans could race in augmented reality. 

Upon entering the app, fans were able to customize their own car type, paint scheme and number. Fans then go on practice rides to get comfortable with how their car handles the track. Once they are ready to race, fans can choose which of the 16 playoff drivers they wanted to face off against and do so on the playoff track of their choice. 

In addition to track-specific information, there were a number of hints given to help fans navigate the races like when to hit the gas, when to brake and when to hold and release gas. The audible crowd and track noises help make it an even more immersive experience. 

Infront X worked with the team at PGA TOUR to build TOURCast, an interactive golf shot tracker and video highlights platform that lets fans track players in real-time as they move around the golf course.  

TOURCast allows fans to experience each player’s shots in 3D, while video-on-demand plays along with the shot trail. The video is sourced from TV broadcast and OTT streams using AI technology and automatically appends each clip to each player’s shot. A fan can see a 3D representation of the shot while the video plays back at the same time. 

TOURCast further enhances the fan experience by being the only platform that lets fans see the trajectory of every player’s tee shot.  In addition, fans can view valuable player and course statistics that update in real time. The platform enables fans to manipulate camera positioning in the 3D model to watch the course from their preferred angle. Fans are also able to experience TOURCast even after tournaments are complete; they can automatically replay a player’s entire tournament from start to finish.  

“We remain tightly integrated with the teams at NASCAR and PGA TOUR and are excited to build on the successes of these two products in 2021,” said Nugent.

ABOUT Infront X

Infront X is an award winning digital solutions provider focused specifically on the design, development, delivery and operational support of content-driven digital experiences for companies in the sports, media, entertainment, gaming and active lifestyle industries. Headquartered in New York City and with 9 offices across North America and Europe, Infront X’s expertise includes digital strategy, user journey/user experience design, consumer-facing technology (including websites, mobile apps, connected TV’s, augmented reality artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies), and backend technology platforms focused on content delivery.

Infront X is proud of the impact it has helped create for elite organizations like the PGA TOUR, NASCAR, Verizon, FOX, Chelsea FC, AS Roma, Comedy Central, the International Ski Federation and the International Basketball Federation, among countless others.

Joanna Solowey
Infront X