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Learning in the Workplace: The Benefits of Employee Growth, From A Technical Customer Operations Coordinator

Introduction: Aidan Parfett joined Infront X earlier this year as a Technical Customer Operations Coordinator. Read his story below on his first foray into the tech industry and the growth he’s experienced. 

As humans, we constantly change and grow as we go through the different stages of our lives. For example, before our careers truly started, many of us had just spent over ten years in school, continuously learning new things and evolving as people. So it is unsurprising that we don’t expect this learning and growth to stop when we get to the work world.

39% of people list “career development opportunities for learning and growth” as a “very important” contributor to job satisfaction, and only 30% are “very satisfied” with this in their jobs (SOURCE).  

It is important for companies to make sure that their employees are satisfied with their jobs, as companies that have high employee satisfaction outperform their counterparts with low employee satisfaction by 2020% (SOURCE). Based on these statistics, it is clear that professional growth opportunities are mutually beneficial for both employer and employee.

I joined Infront X with limited past work experience but I came to the company with a lot of room to grow and a strong desire to do so.

I’ve been working as a Tier 1 support worker, which means being the first point of contact when a client needs help. This work involves responding to clients, troubleshooting issues, and then escalating to higher-tier support workers when necessary. Many of the issues we face are urgent and so require actions to be taken quickly, and as Tier 1 support workers, we are responsible for ensuring that the issues are resolved as soon as possible. Being in this fast-paced environment and having lots of responsibility have taught me how to keep calm in stressful situations.

This is the kind of skill that I could have never learned in school. This job has put me in situations with real-life consequences and stakes. There is no other way I would be able to learn in such an environment other than through a work experience such as this one.

I’ve made strong connections with my co-workers, and this is another aspect of my time at Infront X that has allowed me to grow as a professional. Making friends at work felt different from making friends in my personal life. It felt unnatural initially to talk about anything other than work with my co-workers. I wanted to be professional, but I realize now that I didn’t understand professionalism. I’ve since realized that learning what kind of people my co-workers are and sharing with them aspects about myself is important for the team and the company.

The next big lesson I’ve learned is to ask questions and speak up. I’m someone who has considered myself shy my whole life. Speaking up has never been my strong suit. In a school environment, you’re given clear instructions for your work and all the resources given to complete it. In a work environment, it gets more complicated. The tasks you’re given aren’t always going to be clear, and a lot of the time, you have to seek out the resources and knowledge yourself. In my case, working as a Tier 1 support worker, I encountered many different requests, and I wasn’t able to be taught everything during my onboarding. This meant I had to figure out how to complete many requests with what I had around me. I would look things up in the documentation I had access to, I would see if the request we received was similar to something someone on the team had solved before, and finally, I would ask those around me. If there were no one on my team available, I would find someone else to ask. If it were an IT-related question, I would ask someone from the IT team, if it were development related, I would find a developer to ask. This allowed me to branch out and make new connections in the company.

All these skills will be transferable to every future job I will have, and I feel as if working at Infront X, or another similar company is the only way to learn them.

Infront X fostered an environment where I could grow by putting me slightly outside my comfort zone but still gave me the support I needed to handle everything. Being outside of my comfort zone forced me to speak up, stay calm and seek out the tools I needed to solve a given problem. Not only has this turned me into a better person, but has also made for a more enjoyable work experience, which as the statistics show, is better for everyone.