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Content Kingdom: Content Automation & Amplification 2.0

We are no longer creating one-size-fits-all content that is broadcast across networks and geographic borders.

Today’s sports fans want more content available on more platforms and in various forms, lengths and languages than ever before. And, of course, they want it immediately. While the demand for quality content is increasing, the supply of sports content is under extreme pressure.

Is your content team keeping up with the pace?

Watch our webinar, “Content Kingdom: Content Automation & Amplification 2.0” for a closer look at the complexities of modern day sports content and the introduction of new technology that empowers sports content teams.


  • William Kennedy, Social Media Manager, FIFA
  • Graeme Thewliss, Digital Content Manager, Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL)
  • Julien Schiess, Head of Commercial, Infront X Lab
  • Merav Savir, Marketing Manager, Infront X Lab

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