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Webinar: How NASCAR Continuously Innovates Fan Experiences

It’s always been difficult to capture fan attention, but with new entertainment options from esports to streaming vying for eyeballs, it’s harder than ever. As a result, fans decrease their engagement with certain options and abandon others entirely. That can leave content owners, rights holders, and their associated revenue streams at risk.

Listen in as Tim Clark, SVP and Chief Digital Officer at NASCAR, and Becki Civello, VP Commercial at Infront X, discuss how they are leveraging technology to elevate the fan experience in this webinar hosted by Adweek.

Hear how NASCAR leverages their fans to continuously roll out new and innovative experiences, including:

  • What’s involved in creating a culture of innovation

  • The importance of strong sponsorship integration

  • How fans help drive engagement opportunities


  • Tim Clark, NASCAR, Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer
  • Becki Civello, Infront X, Vice President of Commercial
  • Stuart Feil, Adweek, Vice President of Branded Content

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