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5 Reasons to Read the Latest Leaders Report

1. Learn More About the Strategies Behind Game Changing Sports Mobile Apps

The report features a deeper look into 8 Mobile Apps that are impacting the landscape for developers, with analysis of the strategic angle of their success and defining aspects of the experience from the fan’s perspective.  

2. Insights directly from Infront X experts

 Read about how the next generation of sports fans are evolving (and why your digital strategy needs to as well!)

3. See how a game-changing app becomes a game-changing app   

This piece identifies key sets of processes, top tips, and guidelines to develop an outstanding mobile app experience that crowns a comprehensive digital strategy.  

4. Case Studies   

Be sure to check out the in-depth case study detailing how Verizon’s 5G Multi-View Experience was conceived and developed (see our case study here)

5. Expertise coming from a diverse range of disciplines    

Check out the report, which features perspectives from technologists, developers, strategists, product managers and marketers from inside some of the most recognizable sports, broadcasting and technology companies.  


Bonus: It’s free to download and a speedy read for your next flight!


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